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We have always been adhering to the mission of "Better Medicine for Better Life", and dedicate to developing "BIC/FIC" drugs with unmet needs.
We have practiced the management concept of "professionalism, simplicity and efficiency", and have a team with the values of "science-based, integrity, win-win coopeartion and diligence", and we invite like-minded you to join us to create a healing tomorrow together.
RA Head
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Base Shanghai
As a backbone function for RA at home and abroad, provide comments and suggestions to RA SOP and ensure its implementation worldwide;
2.Provide regulatory knowledge management and training to enhance RA's competency and capability;
3.Formulated product registration strategies and plans, organized the writing of TPP, IB, CDS, drug instructions and RMP, and tracked the progress of product registration;
4.Responsible for communication with related drug administration and inspection departments;
5.Keep abreast of changes in registration regulations, guiding principles and policies.
1.Bachelor or above in pharmacy, pharmacology, chemistry or the biological sciences;
2.Over 10 years’ experience in Regulator Affairs. At least 8 years of experience in contacting with the local Regulatory Agency;
3.Fluency in oral and written English;
4.Convincing presentation skills are required.
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Investor Relations (Investment and Financing Manager)
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Base Wuxi/Shanghai
1.Responsible for establishing and improving the investor relationship management system, and responsible for managing and maintaining the company's investor relationship;
2.Comprehensive understanding of the company's business industry background, competitive environment, regulatory compliance, financial status, etc.;
3.Collect market and industry information, assist in carrying out and participate in various work related to investor relationship management, cooperate with sorting and preparing materials and data, complete the sorting and writing of various documents and reports, and assist in the smooth progress and delivery of projects;
4.Participate in the company's strategic financing and promote the realization of the company's various financing goals;
5.Other matters assigned by the leader.
1.Master's degree or above in biomedicine related majors is preferred, those with overseas study experience are preferred, male or female is not limited;
2.More than 1-3 years of work experience in investor relations, familiar with the knowledge and process of financial investment; more than 3 years of work experience in the consulting and investment industry or investor relations experience in domestic and overseas listed companies is preferred;
3. Understand investment and financing procedures, investment analysis and related policies and regulations; have certain social resources, be good at capturing market information, and have strong data sensitivity;
4.Have a high sense of responsibility and good communication, coordination and organizational skills, meticulous and rigorous, good team spirit and professionalism.
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HR Director
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Base Shanghai
1.According to the requirements of the annual strategic objectives, formulate the annual human resources strategic plan;
2.Organize the formulation of scientific and reasonable human resources-related policies, and supervise the implementation of the policies after approval;
3.According to the needs of strategic management, establish a performance management system, organize the formulation of performance appraisal management systems, performance appraisal related supporting documents, and regularly organize performance appraisals and appraisal results for analysis and evaluation;
4.Review and revise the company's salary system, and prepare salary, benefit plans and employee salary plans;
5.Properly handle labor relations disputes to ensure the stability and harmony of employee relations;
6.Guide the business work of the employees of the department, manage the employees, and ensure that the department personnel complete the work efficiently.
1. Bachelor degree or above in business administration, business management, human resource management and other majors;
2. More than 3 years of human resources management experience in large pharmaceutical companies; more than 10 years of human resources experience;
3. Have the ability to solve complex problems; have strong logical thinking ability, observation ability and adaptability.
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